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Zero Nicotine --- Rating 4.5 stars

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ZERO NICOTINE Zero Nicotine is a herbal based product which comes in a pill form and does NOT contain nicotine. These easy to use herbal pills seem to be very popular, we have put this down to the ease and convenience of use.

Recommended dose is 2 pills with water at breakfast time. Each bottle contains enough pills for 30 days. Zero Nicotine relies solely on its supplements. They do not provide backup information or education with their pills. They also do not have any type of support system available at this time.

We believe the pills do not contain the Lobelia extract that is a popular ingrediant in other stop smoking herbal formulas. However that is not to say that Zero Nicotine is not as effective. We would have liked to have seen an educational and support component to assist with the stress of withdrawal that most quitting smokers experience, particulary in the early days of quitting. Despite this we beleive it to be a good product and worth consideration.

Price: $49.95 for 1 bottle which lasts 30 days

Verdict: A good effective product, but not our first choice.


Herbal ingrediants with no nicotine (see site)

Easy to use

No prescription required

90 day money back guarantee

Order as much or as little as you require


Does not contain Lobelia

Recommended usage up to 6 months

Zero Nicotine ---Visit Their Official Site